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Asyrah’s Garden, located in Graton (Sebastopol), California, offers affordable, effective holistic medicine: acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, nutritional support and more.  The skilled practitioners of our serene, woman-owned clinic specialize in

pain ♦ stress ♦ women’s health ♦ fertility
facial rejuvenation ♦
stop smoking & other habits ♦ chronic & complicated conditions

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wisdom of ancient healers ∞ nature’s resources
energetic & functional harmony

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An Invitation For Free Services In Honor Of AOM Day

October 24, 2014 is AOM Day nationwide.  AOM stands for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  It’s a time to say hey, do you know how acupuncture can help you feel and look better?  It’s an opportunity for those thinking about trying Eastern Medicine to give it a closer look.

As an introduction to our clinic, for the months of October and November 2014, we are offering a free AcuGraph reading and report, normally costing $50.  This gives you a computer generated summary of the state of your health based on readings taken from 12 meridians on your wrists and ankles.  No needles are involved, just the gentle touching of your skin with a damp probe.  The session typically takes 30 minutes and results can be emailed to you.

A typical report will establish (1) how your meridians and organs are functioning, (2) where the imbalances lie, and (3) recommendations for rebalancing your system, thereby regaining best health.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions about how acupuncture and Eastern Medicine work.

No purchase is necessary to take advantage of this offer.  Just call 707-823-2866 for a “free AcuGraph appointment”.  This offer is for new clients living in West Sonoma County and clients who have not been seen in our clinic in 2014.  Limit two per household and as appointments are available.

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Dealing With Insurance Companies Can Be Trying!

We had high hopes that government involvement in our healthcare insurance system would bring out the best.  Alas, countless collegues and medical providers I’ve spoken with, me included, are so done with the game being played at the expense of our patients and ourselves.  Disappointment appears more widespread than ever since insurers still have no oversight to make sure they pay out appropriately.  Welcome to the Last Man Standing strategy, and the insurance companies usually win.

If you have a fairly competent insurer, hang on to them.  If, like so many participants, you are suffering due to their game of “deny, disallow, disappear”, then here is my suggestion: DON’T BOTHER ENGAGING IN AN UNWINNABLE FIGHT.  It’s not worth risking your blood pressure, heart health, migraine onset, immune system decline, digestive upset, or other predictible stress responses.  Life is short. And luckily, we holistic practitioners have another solution… Continue reading

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