Events, Classes & Links

Quiet the Dragon: A Weekly Opportunity to De-stress Through Simple Stretching/Movement, Ear Acupuncture and Chair Massage

When:  TBA

Where: Graton, CA

Cost:  $25 per session

Registration: Drop in okay, or sign up by calling us: 707-823-2866.  Open to the public, hospital staff and patients.  Bring a friend!

Facilitators:  Jody James, L.Ac., MS and Cairyl Gardner, CMT

Women’s Workshop: New Boundaries, New Expectations

When:  TBA

Where: Graton, CA

Jody James, L.Ac., MS and Dianna Grayer, PhD., MFT invite you to attend an inspiring half-day workshop:

  •    set a personal goal for the workshop
  •    learn strategies to align your  actions and values
  •    experience the power of your own Qi  and start using easy Oriental energy- expanding techniques for protection, grounding, healing and abundance
  •    practice making choices from a place of decisiveness, love and courage
  •    connect and explore with a small group of like-minded women

Afterward we’ll treat you to a nutritious buffet lunch.  Healthy snacks and drinks are included (vegetarian, gluten-free; no caffeine or sugar).

Registration: Call (707) 823-2866 to pay by Visa/MC or to be sent a brochure/form to pay by check.  Fee:  $45 (some scholarships available).

Refund policy:  No refunds but if you cancel 7 days or more prior to the event, your payment may be applied to a future workshop.

Holistic Quit Smoking Program

Start dates, times & location: Please call for information

Over a span of six weeks, we shall provide you with medical tools and support to help you meet your goal of becoming a nonsmoker.

  • Support check-ins with introduction of alternative coping techniques and strategies you can use in many areas of your life
  • Auricular (ear) acupuncture treatments to reduce or eliminate cravings and support detoxification (daily to weekly treatments)
  • Herbal prescriptions and nutritional supplements to transition from nicotine dependence to health-enhancing choices
  • Therapeutic massages to support detoxification and encourage relaxation

Referrals for other resources, such as ongoing support groups, ionic foot bath detoxification, individual coaching sessions and nutritional consultations are available upon request.

Important: We offer no guarantee of success in your becoming or remaining a nonsmoker. Individuals respond in different ways to quit smoking protocols and additional support may be required, such as traditional withdrawal patches or pharmaceuticals. Use of these aids is not contrary to our purpose and they may be used concurrently with our program.


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