Do We Have to Live With Pain?

One of the common complaints brought to my acupuncture practice is pain.  Whether due to work or play incidents, or the fall out of chronic stress, our bodies can react to trauma in ways that make us wonder if life will ever be enjoyable again.  Acute pain may easily develop into chronic pain if not treated correctly. And just the emotional drain of hurting is enough to distance us from a place of healing.

The good news is we can live mostly, if not entirely, pain-free.  Continue reading

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A Happy Liver Helps Keep You Healthy!

In Traditional Asian Medicine, the Liver is associated with Spring, so this seems an appropriate time to check to see how yours is doing.  I don’t literally mean the liver organ as defined by Western medicine, although it is included.  What we’re exploring is the emotional-mental-spiritual-physical complex that the Liver System encompasses.

Take a look at this short list of symptoms which might indicate the Liver System is out of balance.  Continue reading

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