Dealing With Insurance Companies Can Be Trying!

We had high hopes that government involvement in our healthcare insurance system would bring out the best.  Alas, countless collegues and medical providers I’ve spoken with, me included, are so done with the game being played at the expense of our patients and ourselves.  Disappointment appears more widespread than ever since insurers still have inadequate watchdog oversight to make sure they pay out appropriately.  Or deductibles are so high that it doesn’t help the average human. Welcome to the Last Man Standing game, and the insurance companies usually win.

If you have a fairly competent insurer, hang on to them.  If, like so many participants, you are suffering due to their game of “deny, disallow, disappear”, then here is my suggestion: DON’T BOTHER ENGAGING IN AN UNWINNABLE FIGHT.  It’s not worth risking your blood pressure, heart health, migraine onset, immune system decline, digestive upset, or other predictible stress responses.  Life is short. And luckily, we holistic practitioners have another solution… Continue reading

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I Don’t Like Needles

“Okay, so the idea of acupuncture is good, helping the body maximize its natural healing ability with no bad side effects.  But getting stuck with needles like a pincushion???  You’ve got to be kidding!” Continue reading

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