Dealing With Insurance Companies Can Be Trying!

We had high hopes that government involvement in our healthcare insurance system would bring out the best.  Alas, countless collegues and medical providers I’ve spoken with, me included, are so done with the game being played at the expense of our patients and ourselves.  Disappointment appears more widespread than ever since insurers still have inadequate watchdog oversight to make sure they pay out appropriately.  Or deductibles are so high that it doesn’t help the average human. Welcome to the Last Man Standing game, and the insurance companies usually win.

If you have a fairly competent insurer, hang on to them.  If, like so many participants, you are suffering due to their game of “deny, disallow, disappear”, then here is my suggestion: DON’T BOTHER ENGAGING IN AN UNWINNABLE FIGHT.  It’s not worth risking your blood pressure, heart health, migraine onset, immune system decline, digestive upset, or other predictible stress responses.  Life is short. And luckily, we holistic practitioners have another solution…

It’s called taking back your health.  It involves some self-care, education and stick-to-it-iveness. But this is not a road you travel alone.  In partnership, I work with my patients to adopt tools that reverse dependence on doctors and the “disease(d)” model of healthcare.  This is a dynamic process that includes healing on multiple levels, using time-tested, effective protocols, and without breaking the bank!

As you improve – and for many this happens quickly – you will be glad you took your healthcare into your own hands.  No waiting for “approvals” to get necessary care.  No waiting in pain for drugs that take days or weeks to arrive.  If your chronic or complicated condition requires more time to heal, then take advantage of our low-cost clinic option.

Of course, in the case of  very serious health conditions, you will want to access all possible and necessary medical tools, even if it includes dealing with insurance. But there can be more than one solution and without a long waiting game. No need to suffer: call us and start on your road to health TODAY!

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